Thursday, August 21, 2014

City Scenes: Esplanade Sunset

We're in Southwest Harbor, Maine, where the sunsets often turn the water and sky pink, but that doesn't mean we're not missing the blue and orange ones along the Charles:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

City Scenes: That Other Species

These little spaniels sleeping together in Cardullo's Gourmet Shoppe in Harvard Square reminded me of Harris and Toffee:

I think our animals need a best friend (or four) for companionship and good mental health as much as we humans do. These dogs appear inseparable, and they probably have many other dog friends that they visit and play with on their walks. Indoor cats don't have any opportunities to bond with their own kind if we don't adopt a companion (or four) for them. I watched Wendy and Harris take turns chasing each other the other morning, while Lion wrestled with Possum, and life was good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

City Scenes: Some New Folks in Town

While we're in Maine, I thought I'd post a few discoveries I made around the city. I'll have some postcards from Mount Desert Island after I return.

We met this nice fellow at the bus stop the other day. I admired his rats, which were beautifully behaved, and asked him if  I could take some photos. He agreed, and thanked me for asking. "I just got here from New York," he said, "and people are always getting mad at me there because I get mad at them for taking my picture without asking me first." 

He said he was homeless and was hoping the driver would let him on the bus to Harvard Square. I told him that there are sometimes interesting animals on the T, like that boa constrictor that went missing on a train for a while, but I didn't know about the buses. And we gave him some money. 

The bus driver was aghast when he tried to board, and refused to let him on, exclaiming at such a ridiculous idea. He shrugged philosophically and smiled when we apologized as we boarded. I hope he and his pals are made it to the Square and are doing well wherever they roam.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Harris Poses

Harris declared himself our "Most Important Cat" months ago and no one batted an eye. If anyone disputes it, they're keeping it quiet. Nobody can deny that Harris is our best photographic subject. He's our only graduate from Miss Robin's School of Modeling, a subsidiary of the Kitten Associates shelter where he lived before he decided to go home with us.

These photos show Harris's typical routine when we come over to talk to him. We're heading to Maine today, so I need to post these photos to remember him by while we're gone:

He often looks a little sleepy and sulky when we awaken him from a light nap:

The next thing we know, he's rolling over and purring, in case we need to pet his belly:

He's knows he temptingly soft and cuddly:

And his feet are pink and white and black and fluffy:

In fact, he's so adorable he can hardly stand himself:

By showing off his kittenish good looks and charm, he's also proving beyond a doubt that he deserves to be the Most Important Cat. You show 'em, Harris.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Piece of Toffee

It was hardly my finest hour as a photographer — my subject was neither in focus nor entirely in the frame — but the result made me laugh:

It's a silly photo of a silly cat. Toffee may be handsome and wild-looking, but he's a goofball at heart. Any cat with a butterfly-shaped milk mustache would have to be. When we pet him, he flops and rolls around so much that he'll tumble to the floor if we don't stop him. He gives himself coughing spells from purring too hard, too. He was a crazy kitten but he's mellowing a little with maturity. He used to leap madly into the air after his toys but he's lazier now, or perhaps more efficient.  These days, he tries to coax his toys (and flying insects) to come to him by warbling at them. Sometimes it works.

Morning Glory Envy and Maine

The other morning, I went past this elegant house (owned by a construction mogul) at the corner of Dartmouth and Marlborough Streets. I was staggered by this luxurious morning glory crop, which you don't often find around here:

I tried to grow morning glories several years ago, when I was an urban gardener — on the same, shady side of the street — but my record was only 26 blooms at the same time. So I'm jealous: I didn't have such a sunny and spacious corner lot; I had to grow mine in pots on the porch. And I didn't have a professional landscaping team making regular visits to coddle my plants, either. I only had me.

Until I can have a garden of my own again, I feel lucky to be able to enjoy (or envy) the wonderful little gardens my neighbors keep, especially now, when summer is at its height.

We're heading to Maine tomorrow morning, but if you check in here, you might find something or other while we're away. Postcards might arrive later than usual, however, as I have another trip planned over Labor Day. I hope you're making the most of the end of August and vacation season, too! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Jeffersons

After I finished reading John Adams, and visiting the various Adams sites in Quincy, it seemed like a good idea to watch the excellent PBS adaptation of the book again, partly to enjoy the fine performances by Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney as our second First Couple, but mostly to savor Stephane Dillane's portrayal of the future POTUS #3.

Possum had seen the series when it first came out so he knew what to expect. He settled right in next to me and kept quiet through the episodes. Harris and Toffee, sitting nearby, heard me sighing and cooing every time Jefferson appeared, and they were puzzled, since they've only ever heard me make that kind of fuss over a cat.

We all paid particular attention to the scene where Jefferson sits looking pensive, if not morose, as Adams and Franklin pick over his draft of the Declaration of Independence:

Harris and Toffee realized that they could be just as devastatingly pensive, deep, and/or morose. So they got down to it:

I think Toffee has the strongest physical resemblance to Stephen Dillane of anyone in the family (sorry, Possum). But Harris excels at looking morose and awkward in a chair.

Unfortunately for them, I am not about to stop cooing over Thomas Jefferson despite their best efforts.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Other News...

It seems that Possum is teaching Lion the fox trot.